Economic model

What is our model and how do we commit to it?

Our goal is also an economic one: render Homsphere houses affordable and easier to finance.

Margins: Homsphere commits to limit its margins to 15%. This is a transparency and ethics commitment to all parties involved in the process: landowners, construction companies and purchasers. This means that if a landowner reduces his price, Homsphere will pass the reduction onto purchasers.

Research and development: Homsphere focuses on four specific R&D areas. All four have a positive impact on houses price and their long-term management costs.

– Materials
– Energy management
– Technology
– Artificial intelligence


Materials: We work closely with engineers, physicists and consultants to find the materials which best meet our energy and environmental goals.

Construction: Focusing on “Building Economics” allows us to constantly improve, streamline and industrialise our construction process. This has an immediate impact on cost control.

Strategic partnerships: We research and develop high-quality strategic partnerships to seek best technologies at most efficient cost.

Savings: Investing in energy production, combined with the Microgrid (see ‘Production and consumption’), means that homeowners enjoy annual savings of around CHF 4,000. The average Swiss household, for example, spends yearly from CHF 1,500-2,000 for electricity and CHF 1,500-3,000 for heating. Here, only water and Microgrid management are invoiced.

Our economic model renders our homes more affordable to buy and sustainable to run long term.

Finance: The above described economic model is an advantage when it comes to finance for your Homsphere house. Banks and financial institutions follow FINMA guidelines and include a maintenance cost of 1% of the property’s value in their borrowing capacity formula. Given the long-term lack of any energy costs, a major Swiss bank has already agreed to halve this maintenance cost (to 0.5%) for purchasers of Homsphere houses, thus increasing their borrowing capacity by 7% for the same income level.

Construction interests : Purchasers of Homsphere houses pay 20% when signing a purchase agreement. Following this down payment and during the entire construction period, they will have no other payments to make nor construction interests. The balance will be paid at key remittance. This translates to savings of CHF 10,000-20,000 depending on the size of the loan.