Design and facilities

The THPE (Very High Energy Performance) standard and the Swiss Minergie P and Minergie A labels demonstrates our houses are as energy-efficient as it is currently possible to be. This is thanks to the highly insulating materials used, the construction typology, Homsphere’s engineering and the house’s Central Server power management.

The design of our houses and the facilities chosen (which are all connected to the Central Server) help to ensure cost efficiency, comfort and quality of life.

Sophisticated basic facilities:

– Underfloor heating: air/water heat pump or geocooling heat pump to cool down the house during summer
– Dual-flow ventilation measuring indoor air quality
– Bathroom fittings measuring volume and temperature
– Photovoltaic panels covering 80-90% of the roof
– Contacts on all windows and French windows
– Contacts on all rolling shutters
– Camera and motion detector for alarm

Facilities unique to Homsphere:

– Battery storing house power for 24 hours
– Microgrid between houses, maximising energy independence
– All electrical connection linked to the Central Server
– Humidity sensors
– Weather station
– Electric car (see available models)