A shared spirit approach from materials to technology

Our homes combine high-performance materials, optimum power management and an intelligent production system, all controlled via the Homsphere app. We provide a purchaser-friendly economic model.

Internet of Home – IoH

  • IoH – What is the ‘Internet of Home’?

    IoH, or ‘internet of home’, is a term describing the management of all the facilities, objects and equipment connected to the central server and the internet. They can be controlled from your tablet or telephone. It is part of the major technological revolution represented by IoT, or the ‘Internet of Things’. Homsphere combines IoT with two different areas: energy and platform

    Energy: Forecasting, channelling, storing, purchasing and selling renewable energy produced by the house using the Homsphere algorithm and facilities. It communicates with the platform and anticipates users’ needs.

    Platform: Created by Homsphere to integrate all house’s facilities, the platform allows it to anticipate and instantly locate the required renewable energy to run properly using secured internet connection.

    IoH is the link between technology, energy independence, and mastering renewable energy. It keeps the house, and by extension the car, carbon-neutral and helps ensure savings for its users.

  • IoH – How does the ‘internet of home’ work?

    The house’s facilities, objects and equipment communicate with each other and pool their data via the central server (platform). The Homsphere algorithm will transforme them into ‘actions’ in line with your needs and living pace. In time this becomes automated – in other words, the better the house gets to know you, the more active it will be. For example, temperature management and power storage or reselling are linked to the house’s weather station via the central server.

  • IoH – Comprehensive and secure.

    Homsphere’s native and proprietary app controls and organises all functionality. Your connection with Homsphere’s IoH is strictly private, protected and encrypted.

  • IoH – What you can do right now with your ‘internet of home’.

    You control your Homsphere house’s power resources, comfort and security at all time. Wherever you are, your IoH:

    – Let you control heat, ventilation, lighting and openings
    – Checks and reports on doors, windows and blinds security
    – Keeps you updated about energy consumption of every room and all your electrical appliances
    – Allows you to track and forecast your house’s energy production
    – Let you know how your solar panels, batteries, ventilation, etc.. are performing
    – Tells you your car’s charge level

  • IoH – What you will be able to do with your IoH in the future.

    The central server’s algorithm will evolve to enable task automation, and will propose solutions without you asking for them.

    For example, if your house’s battery is running low and weather forecast looks poor for the next two days, the Homsphere algorithm will ask your permission to transfer part of your car’s power into the house. These is one of the many examples of what will be achieved soon with Homsphere’s IoH.