Future living? The sun is our answer.

Every last watt of electricity in a Homsphere home comes from the sun, with no carbon footprint. They store, measure and reallocate energy. Their production, consumption and home automation can be controlled at any time with the Homsphere app. CLICK ON THE ICONS TO FIND OUT MORE.

Let’s boost our freedom by producing more than we consume.


Using energy democratisation to improve our borrowing capacity.


Living the future by eliminating carbon footprint.


Building a home which precisely adapts to meet our needs.


Simple living thanks to technological innovations.

Welcome to the era of energy independence

  • Autonomy Our homes produce more energy than required for an average family: the surplus is sold during the summer, and some is then bought back during the winter. Every house comes with an electric car which serves as its mobile extension and both the house and car’s power consumption is centrally managed by a single Homsphere app.
  • Comfort Our homes are easily self-sufficient to support a streamlined, aware and comfortable modern lifestyle. The connected network and Homsphere algorithm will instantly find the required power for every single house’s facilities, at any time of day or night.
  • Environment Our homes run on the renewable energy produced by their solar panels, with very little carbon footprint. From its design through to the finished product, all materials are carefully selected to limit CO2 emissions. Once completed, each house gets a carbon assessment and Homsphere offsets part of the CO2 that was emitted for its construction.
  • Intelligence Our homes’ power and all its facilities are managed by a central server. It control’s both the house and the car the consumption. Homsphere projects share power and optimise storage capacity by creating groups of at least four houses. Our microgrid, a common locally managed power grid, ensures a fluid link between production and consumption.