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Making sustainable living
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Seamlessly take control of your home's energy with Homsphere, enhancing savings and reducing footprint. Let's simplify energy together, making it a tangible, conscious, and personal resource for everybody.

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Your home, our promise: we've got you covered.

Homsphere empowers residents by freeing them from energy dependency. With our advanced internet of things solution, we weave together a local microgrid, bringing neighbours into a shared energy ecosystem. From optimising battery systems and managing electric vehicle charging - discharging to automating homes, overseeing water treatment and heating systems, Homsphere does it all.

Our platform ensures that every watt of power and drop of water is used efficiently, powered by solar energy, and monitoring in real-time. Embrace a life where technology meets sustainability.

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Homsphere components

EV/V2H charger
Smart Home Automation
Water treatment
Heat pump

Together, we can achieve more.

Our innovative system links multi-family dwellings, townhomes, and condominiums owners into energy-sharing communities.

For residents
Dive into eco-friendly living with Homsphere. Monitor, adjust, and savor energy savings with our user-friendly app. Reduce bills, your carbon footprint, and embrace sustainable living, effortlessly.

For investors
Invest in sustainable living with Homsphere's smart energy ecosystem. Boost your property’s value and appeal, with robust tech that delivers lower energy costs and a vibrant, eco-conscious community.

Our solution applies to:



Your home, your way.

We give homeowners and buyers direct control over their homes, promoting independence. You'll play a key role in moving to renewable energy, significantly lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your utility bills.

Intuitive experience

Streamline life with our AI-powered device for optimal home management without the fuss.

Cost savings

Dramatically cut down utility bills with intelligent energy management, from production and storage to trading.

Ongoing support

Embark on this journey with us; we're in it for the long haul with maintenance, upgrades, and services.

Eco empowerment

Smoothly transition to sustainable living with clean energy, relishing every step towards net zero.

Technology-infused harmony for your home.

Elevate your home with our all-rounded energy solution, centred on the Homsphere app. AI-enabled, it effortlessly optimises your energy consumption, oversees electricity production and storage, manages electric vehicle charging, and pioneers in clean energy trading. Experience the ease of monitoring and controlling your home's energy flow with a user interface that's not just smart, but intuitively straightforward.

Set of 6 homes equipped with Homsphere, annual performance.

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*Microgrid is a localised and self-contained energy system that can operate independently from the main power grid.
**DSO Distribution System Operators (DSO), are the entities responsible for distributing and managing energy from the generation sources to the final consumers.

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"I fell in love with the concept: green local energy production and consumption, lower energy bills, comfort and ease of use. Homsphere understood everything, it's all coherent."

Resident for 3 years.

"I've heard the claims, but I'm like St Thomas, I only believe what I see. We drove the car thousands of kilometres, we lived in the house for a year for just a few tens of francs: the balance sheet proved them right."

Resident for 3 years.

"It's an autonomous home entirely controlled by software. We don't touch anything and let it run. At the end of the year, we had a zero energy bill. We've recommended Homsphere to our friends."

Residents for 4 years.

"We are so impressed with performance; I check it through the app almost everyday. We compete with neighbours in energy efficiency. My friends can’t believe it.”

Residents for 3 years.

"First it was the property project that attracted me, then I became interested in the energy transition project. The result is total comfort, without having to sacrifice anything. For a small energy bill, I have driven thousands of kilometres and lived in my house. I recommend Homsphere."

Resident for 4 years.

What's next?

Ready for an eco-smart home? Join Homsphere's community, where sustainability meets savings. Let's build a greener tomorrow, together.

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We are Homsphere.

Since 2017, our commitment has been to make sustainable living both achievable and enjoyable for all.

Our diverse team, with expertise in renewable energy, technology, real estate, and construction, focuses on empowering residents with innovative, affordable clean energy approach.